Directory of Black Owned Franchises

The black community spends annually $1 trillion on various goods and services. Those same dollars circulate zero to one time within that same black community. It circulated six times in the Latino community, nine times in the Asian community, and an unlimited amount of times within the White community according to the University of Georgia’s Selig Center for Economic Growth.  As a way to combat financial inequality in the black community, increasing the circulation of the black dollar is one solution and franchising could be another.  Franchising could be a vehicle that helps level the financial playing field through diversity in ownership within various franchising brands.  The franchising industry is a large and growing industry contributing $541.1 billion to the country’s gross domestic product according to an International Franchise Association report. If more individuals supported black-owned businesses and franchises, this could help close the wealth gap and increase the circulation of the black dollar within the community.  

There are a lot of listings and directories that highlight black-owned businesses, however, none highlighting black-owned franchises.  So, we figured we would help by creating a list exclusively focused on black-owned franchises. Below is currently, what we have but we know there are more. Most of the content is derived from community input.  If we missed yours or you know of a location please email us at [email protected]  Also, please note we are doing our best to accurately supply this information, we realize there are transfers or we could have simply made a mistake.  If so, please let us know as well so we can update.

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Data is sourced through personal contacts, social media, news articles, NABHOOD, and other sources, however, keep in mind these ownership statutes may change due to closures of the business or merger & acquisitions.